What guys want in a girl

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Stand up for what is right. Girls want to see a man who is willing to put himself on the line to defend what is right. This does not mean throwing punches and getting into physical altercations, but it is important to be willing to speak up if things aren’t going well.

Be a good listener. Being a good listener is also important when you are talking to guys. You may be seen as more attractive if you have the ability to show that you are interested and paying close attention to what a guy says.
  • [5] You don't need want wear red all of the time to take advantage of this, but wearing a red top now and then or what a girl of red with an accessory might be worth a guys. If you like, you can add a pop of red to your outfit every day with some red lipstick, a pair of red earrings, or a red scarf.
  • Follow through when you say youll do something. Being dependable is important to show that you can be counted on during hard times.

If he ignores you or gives a curt answer girl little want no facial recognition (no smile, no eye contact), then move on to someone else. [9] What asking a question to get a conversation going. For guys, you could say something like, Nice day today, dont you think. Or, I love this caf. Dont you think they have the best coffee.

Let her know you’re grateful through For example, you will get a yes

Listen actively during conversations. Girls like to talk; they want guys who truly listen and are able to open up and talk back as well. Communication is a two way street that requires both parties to listen and speak. [3]

Listen without trying to solve all the problems.

Showering every day.

Allow her to speak her mind without dominating the conversation.

Be a good listener. Being a

Allow her to speak her mind without
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