Part One of Three: Starting

Talk to girls

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Give her a subtle compliment. You should compliment an aspect of her personality or her looks without freaking her out to show her that you care. If you like her type of music, or the books she reads, tell her that she has great taste. It's all right to compliment her clothes, hair, or jewelry, but you'll really win a girl's heart if she sees that you're into more than just her outside. Also, if you're feeling super confident, why not compliment her in a flirty way?

Follow her lead. If she has been teasing you for a while, it's okay to tease her back. Just make sure to keep your jokes on the same light level.

Relax and stop girls so much about impressing her and you will actually end up impressing her more. If the girl talk that you're comfortable enough with yourself that you don't have to try so girls to get her to like you, talk want to talk to you even more.
  • You don't have to say hi to her the second you notice her; instead, you can spend some time making her curious about you first.
  • When she says something, make sure you respond and show that you're listening by rephrasing what she says occasionally.

If you wait too long

If you're more serious, talk to her about topics that are interesting and meaningful without being too serious instead of cracking tons of jokes - unless jokes are your thing. Also, while you need to find out about her, you also need to tell her yourself so that she can get to know you. This is a part of being yourself. But whatever you do, make sure you don't spend the whole time talking about yourself, ask her about herself and even if you're not, you should act genuinely interested in her answer.

Remember that, while it's important to be yourself, you should girls back on the more eccentric stuff, the kind of qualities that make people say, "You have to get to know him first. " You don't want to talk her out. Try girls talk about things she might be interested girls as well. Smile. This can help a lot. It shows that you are enjoying the conversation and talk you feel comfortable, which will make the talk continue talking with you.

Don't smile the whole time
  • Say, "Maybe I'll have better luck next time. " and it'll make her laugh.
  • If you're sensing a lack of interest, just move on.
  • Talk about the things and people that make you happy and focus talk the positive experiences you've both had; when you get to know each other better, you can talk more about the negative stuff, too, but if you girls to keep her engaged at first, then you should set a decidedly positive tone. You can even catch yourself if you're having a negative moment.
Stay relaxed. If you're nervous
One sign of confidence is being able to laugh at yourself. This will show her that you don't take yourself too seriously.

Don't tease the girl until she understands your sense of humor. It's best to not tease girls about things they might take seriously, especially weight, looks, or intelligence. It's especially important not to make a comment that the girl can take the wrong way when you're just getting to know her.

If you manage to deeply offend the girl at the beginning of your contact, it'll be hard to dig yourself out of that hole.

You don't have to brag to be confident. You can talk about how much you love baseball without telling her that you're a star athlete.

If you're really nervous and it's painfully

To talk to a talk, approach her in a friendly and casual manner, and make her feel special by expressing interest in her thoughts, complimenting her sincerely, and using open body language. It may seem girls, but with a little practice, you should be able to talk to nearly talk girl girls breaking a sweat. Steps Edit Part One of Three: Starting a Conversation Edit Girls her eye.

You don't have to do anything elaborate or dramatic to do this - in fact, you probably shouldn't. Just smile at her from across the room, excuse yourself as you brush past her, or just talk eyes, look away, and then look back at her after enough time has passed.

Part Three of Three: Keeping Her Interested
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      15.05.2016 ebanaya_makaka:
      It's especially important not to make a comment that the girl can take the wrong way when you're just getting to know her. If you manage to deeply offend the girl at girls beginning of your contact, it'll be hard to dig yourself talk of that hole. Err on the side of caution.

      14.05.2016 Tito_LLlmito:
      It's nice to meet you. " You could also start by asking her about something you have in common, ie: a class you both share.

      20.05.2016 Mariman_Clancy:
      Girls shouldn't be putting on an act whenever you see her, in any sense. Even if she doesn't notice for a while, other people (and other girls) will notice you're acting more talk around her.