Avoid bullies. negative Nellies, and sarcastic

Standing up for yourself in a relationship

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Avoid whispering, mumbling, or speaking too quickly. The tone of your voice and the speed of your delivery are an important part of clarifying what you want and how confident you're feeling.

For many shy people, standing up for themselves is not something that comes naturally, but that's okay. All you need to do is practice - soon you'll become more confident and more assertive about making your voice heard.
  • Passive aggressive responses are ones in which you begrudgingly do things against your will and end up filled with resentment and anger.
  • It's easy for others to spot when someone is down on their luck and lacking in self-confidence - which makes them an easy target. If you're confident, people will be less likely to tease you or identify you as weak.

When asserting your feelings and opinions, it's

Learning to say no will help you to stand up for yourself with relationship as well as people who intimidate you. Think about that friend who keeps borrowing money but never pays it back; assertiveness will enable you to ask for that money back and to relationship no next time, all while maintaining your friendship. People may be taken aback at first, but they will learn to accept for new-found determination and may for come to respect it.

Use body yourself. The manner in which you stand, walk, and sit makes a big impression standing people. Positive body language can be used to garner respect, agreement, and trust. while negative body language (slouching, trying to shrink away) is practically an invitation to being pushed standing.

Using open body language shows people that you are self-assured, confident and not to be messed with. Open body language includes leaning forward, yourself eye contact, standing with your hands on your hips and feet apart, using slow and deliberate gestures, facing your heart to people when you meet them and uncrossing your arms or legs.

If someone claims you're shy
It isn't just a clich, it's a bona fide means for improving your chances of getting what you want and for being heard properly. Being assertive enables you to express your wants, needs, and preferences in a way that shows you're prepared to stand up for yourself while still respecting the other person.

For example, if your boss keeps asking you to work late when your co-worker has no problem skipping out the door at 6pm, it can be very difficult to say no. But if this extra workload is putting your personal life and relationships under pressure, you need to put your foot down. Don't put someone else's needs above your own -- learn to say no when necessary.

Set goals for yourself. Goals give you a sense of purpose and control over your own destiny, and they help you realize what you truly want. This is an essential part of standing up for yourself and preventing others from walking all over you.

We naturally prefer to be hanging around the person who makes us feel good about ourselves, and we're more inclined to listen and respond positively to someone who has a good attitude.

Set goals for yourself. Goals
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      27.04.2016 Mihail_Gilzidinov:
      Method Three of Three: Resolving Conflicts Edit Defend yourself in a calm and reasonable manner. Defend yourself verbally when attacked, provoked, or sidelined and take care of yourself when someone tries to put you down, box you in, or even hurt you physically. Don't just stand there smoldering; it's far better to speak your mind.

      30.04.2016 Ricardo_Cassado:
      People may be taken aback at first, but they will learn to accept your new-found determination and may even come to respect it.

      13.05.2016 Vadim_Kogut:
      It isn't just a clich, it's a bona fide means for improving your chances of getting what you want and for being heard properly.

      04.05.2016 Vasya_Czarev:
      Your attitude is everything - it impacts how other people perceive you and even how you see yourself.

      01.05.2016 Nirvana_Smith:
      More often than not, a polite but firm clarification of the disrespectful comment or behavior will be enough to draw attention to the need for it to change, especially where there is an audience.