How to know a girl wants to kiss

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If she doesn’t return the same level of eye contact or seems to want to put distance between you, it probably means she read the signals you’re sending and is now sending signals of her own that she doesn’t want to be kissed.

Ask. If you cant determine from her actions and body language how shes feeling, you can just ask. [5] Asking her permission before assuming she wants to kiss can be a sign of consideration on your part, and either way youll find out where you stand.

If shes enthusiastic during the date and suggests you go somewhere else to prolong the date-to get coffee, go for a walk, etc. -its a good sign that shes enjoying the date and may be open to a goodnight kiss. Note how she holds up her end of the conversation.

  • Lean in for the kiss. If at this point shes responding positively to your body language and signals, you can go for a kiss.
  • Lean in for the kiss.
  • If so, it may be a sign shes thinking about kissing. But take it in context, though, because she may also just be in the habit of glancing at someones mouth when they talk.
Gauge how she reacts to your touch .
In fact, I've only tried to kiss one lady and it didn't work out too well. As any gentleman would do, I asked her if I could kiss her before moving in.

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If she talks mostly about herself, dismisses your comments, or sits in stony silence, take that as a pretty clear cue she isn’t very interested.

If she seems bored or anxious

Unfortunately, a lot of men
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      14.05.2016 Ethan_Eazy:
      Move in closer. If her body language and engagement in the conversation are all encouraging, you can begin moving in closer and preparing to attempt a kiss.

      30.04.2016 Vova_Durov:
      As any gentleman would do, I wants her if I could kiss her before moving in. But this seemed to backfire, as girl woman looked very turned off by the question. Help Player; I don't have problems kissing the ladies that I've known for a while, but how can How know if a woman with whom I'm on a first date wants to be kissed before know shatters kiss ego.

      27.04.2016 Getto_Nigga:
      Note how she holds up her end of the conversation.

      24.05.2016 Everqvest_Loev:
      If she blushes, giggles, or smiles, those are signs shes comfortable with you and would possibly be receptive to a kiss. [4] If she lingers or presses against you while youre saying your goodbyes, its often a sign that shes reciprocating your affection. Ask.