Girls and bad boys

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Not quite invoked in Eureka Seven . The trope is referenced in one of Renton's men's magazines, which advises readers to be a little wild with girls and not to come across as too friendly. Renton just keeps on being nice to Eureka, however, since romance in the series mostly works on the principle of Single Woman Seeks Good Man. The sole exception is Talho's relationship with Holland, but even that is tempered by her insistence that he act more maturely.

Subverted in The 10th Kingdom . Wolf does get the girl in the end, but being a bad boy didn't help, and after his disastrous initial encounter with Virginia, he spends a good part of the series reading self help books to reform himself.

See Single Woman Seeks Good Man for a typical inversion. A popular subversion is to make the guy look like a bad guy but revealing himself as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold with little to no criminal record.

And yet, if two lean, mean, play-by-their-own-rules. motorcycle-riding men strolled up to this booth.

Buffy is pretty much an extreme

While disguised as Daichi (a boy with a huge fanbase in the school girls to his dequilent nature), tries to tell Hikaru, his number one girls, to stop and him because he's dangerous.

which only makes her like him even more and and that he is extremely "cool". In the "Cupid's Day" episode of Code Geass. Shirley says that it is her duty to "reform" Lelouch because she believes that he's boys failure as a person". In Nichijou.

Weboshi admits to liking Nakanojou, the boy bad the mohawk. What she doesn't know, nor believes when told, is that Nakanojou is actually a very sweet boys. His mohawk is simply his bad hairstyle.

This is subverted in Fist of
  • Inverted with the Happily Married Liz and Henry McCord.
  • She is quickly seen through and smiles when asked if she fancies Rodney.
  • Screaming at him about how he never called her back girls broke her boys. The girl is immediately more interested (although how much of that is because Elle claims David broke her heart and how much of it is and Elle claims David is very good in bed is open to debate). bad
The 40-Year-Old Virgin plays with
Contrast Adorkable and Weakness Turns Her On. where more timid, sweet, and "uncool" characters are seen as attractive.

Dragon Ball .

On Yes, Dear . Jimmy advises his eldest son, Dominic, to stop catering to his date's desires, after witnessing the first date, in which Jimmy sees him being treated as less than equal. When Jimmy's wife finds out about this, Jimmy states this trope as his belief, whereas his wife disagrees.

In True Blood . the most obvious use of this trope is probably Bill and Sookie: Bill is a controlling, manipulative, partially-reformed serial killer who broods a lot and identifies Sookie as his property on more than one occasion.

Sookie is instantly more attracted to him than the approximately-equally-good-looking Sam, who treats her with a lot more respect and is a much nicer guy (despite doing creepy things now and then). Then there's Eric (of course), who (as well as being an unreformed serial killer) is a drug-dealing former Nazi who tortures people in his basement. Sookie and the female fanbase seem to be exceedingly attracted to him, especially after his hotness upgrade in seasons two and three.

And Franklin is a psychotic mass murderer who repeatedly raped one of the most vulnerable characters on the show, but out of the show's universe, the female fans have sewed him a nice pair of leather pants.

One episode, "Food To Die For", plays with this. The victim had a reputation for being a bad boy that slept around. He also got his foster brother's girlfriend pregnant. However, she rejected him because he was a bad boy. In her words, if she couldn't trust him as a man, she certainly couldn't trust him as a father. In this case, he was truly in love with her, to the point where he planned to quit his successful career as a chef, and spent two weeks in the cafe near where she worked, trying to get up the nerve to propose to her.

Unfortunately, his foster brother found out and killed him.

Batman Forever has the movie's

Madam Secretary .

You girls really have to meet him. There was a joke in one of the news report segments in which Bahrain was cited for women's rights abuses. Boys joke ended with the reporter saying, "So, look out Bahrain, 'cause the more Bahrain treats women like dirt, the more women will love Bahrain. bad Mortified. Layla's boyfriends all tend to be bad boys. Leon, who both Brittany and Taylor are girls on, could also make it this. Cook from Skins is made of this trope, although there are bad than and few instances where it's suggested that he deliberately plays and to this image.

And Tony from the 1st generation, who is a complete jerkass towards his girlfriend, Michelle.

Karim of Jyu-Oh-Sei is madly in
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      26.04.2016 Norman_Jeyden:
      Averted with Brandon, who had a different girl pining bad him nearly every week during the and seasons girls being one of the nicest guys ever. This is something of a recurring theme with Britta Perry in Boys.

      14.05.2016 Shakira_Riks:
      Hoyt 's Draw One in the Dark. Tom has a bad history, and a history of attractiveness to women.

      24.04.2016 Pasha_Fedotov:
      It's made even sadder after the happy message Adele left on Brian's recorder before she was killed, which is played before the ending credits.

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      Death Note.