How to know if he loves you long distance relationship

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Hi, my name is Bentue, I met this gorgeous Polish guy two days before he went back to Poland, He treated me with respect and love. then he left, we Skype sometimes,I think I’m falling for him but the distance scary me, I can’t stop thinking him,but when I don’t hear from him I keep wondering if he thinking about me, if he feel same about me, as I do about him. I cry a lot, I blame myself why do I have to fall for someone in long distance.

Sometime I wonder if his family gonna like me because I’m African Canadian. I want to tell him that I’m falling in love with him but I’m so afraid of what he may not say. Please I need advice.

I don’t know when to do

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We love eachother so much, we have laughed together and cried together <3 But I'm just so afraid of losing her or something like that D: That thought is just killing me. I spoke to her about it and she swore to never leave me 🙂 We made promises to eachother.

Righ now I am merely enjoying the exchange but I would be dishonest if I said it was enough but I tend to be a hopeful person by nature. I found the timing of coming across this article quite serendipitous and am so happy that I did. Thank you for the wise words and for sharing your insight.
  • I so much needed these motivation for not just myself but on how to help my Fiance too. I am an African from the west leaving in Germany while my Fiance is a German but leaving presently in Western part of Africa but not in my country.
  • I miss him so much and I know he misses me too.

I hope this doesn’t sound

It8217;s hard to be with a person even an hour away. It was just too great a distance for me and I didn8217;t want to move to his city and vice versa. I also didn8217;t want any kids we were going to have to go through what I went through8230; always longing for his physical presence, worrying about him and so on.

And what if t here was an emergency on either parties.

thanks a lot for your comment! i It‘s not easy to keep up
Send him treats. Sending him special things that he might miss from home will let him know you're thinking of him.

Really feeling good after reading the article .Thanks Criola sharing such refreshing thought.I am going through such a situation that my relationship is going to stop,Its right that everyone are human and has flaws .My girlfriend is not sure about the feeling towards me she was lovable and careing at the beginning of our relationship but things are changed now and more over my doubts are pushing me from her i dont want to loose her .i am trying my best to keep her .Thank you once again criola

I know, it will be challenging but

I would like to say I don’t know what her
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      15.05.2016 Wiza_Xyu3a:
      However I find myself increasingly wanting to be physically with him an its so hard.

      29.04.2016 Roma_Recpekt:
      You8217;re most welcome Andy.

      19.05.2016 Steve_Green:
      But he just brushed it off.