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2. Blue . Also called off-color, or risque (from the French word for “to risk”); relies on impropriety or indecency for comic effect. (The name probably derives from the eighteenth-century use of the word blue to refer to morally strict standards — hence the phrase “blue laws” to refer to ordinances restricting certain behavior on the Sabbath).

A related type is broad humor, which refers to unrestrained, unsubtle humor often marked by coarse jokes and sexual situations.

Gallows Humor . Gallows humor is a type of humor which arises from traumatic or life-threatening situations such as wartime events, mass murder, hostilities or in other situations where death is impending and unavoidable. This genre is similar to black comedy but, the only difference is that the comedy is created by the victim.

(It, like screwball comedy 8212; see below 8212; shares many elements with a comedy of errors. ) Movies and plays featuring the Marx Brothers are epitomes of farce.
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Burlesque forms. This is a form of satire, since Burlesque comedy involves ridiculing any basic style humor speech or even writing. Burlesque is theatrical entertainment of broad and parodic humor, which usually involves comic skits. It is said to have originated from the Italian Commedia dell'arte.

14. Parodic . Comic imitation Gallows Humor . Gallows humor
Ridicules by imitating with forms, or exaggerated characterization. Humor association with striptease is that in a bygone era, mocking skits and ecdysiastic displays were often on the same playbills in certain venues.

1. Anecdotal . Named after the word anecdote (which stems from the Greek term meaning “unpublished”); refers to comic personal stories that may be true or partly true but embellished.

Caricature . Caricature involves exaggerated portrayal of a person’s mental, physical, or personality traits in wisecrack form. Caricatures can be insulting, complimentary, political or can be drawn solely for entertainment too.

3. Burlesque . Ridicules by imitating with caricature, or exaggerated characterization. The association with striptease is that in a bygone era, mocking skits and ecdysiastic displays were often on the same playbills in certain venues.

Satire . Satire is a branch of comedy, which makes use of witty language to convey insults or scorn. In satire, human or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to reprimand by means of ridicule, burlesque, derision, irony, or other methods. Although satire is usually meant to be funny, the purpose of satire is not primarily humor, but an attack on something or some subject the author strongly disapproves of.

Conundrum . A question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle Freudian Slip . A Freudian slip is nothing but a funny statement, which seems to just pop out from the comedian, but actually comes from the person’s subconscious thoughts.

This is just like funny things said unintentionally owing to slip-of-the-tongue. The name Freudian slip is coined after the father of psychology, Sigmund Freud.

Seriocomedy . A comedy with serious

Conundrum . A question asked

Self-deprecating. Humor in which performers target themselves and their foibles or misfortunes for comic effect. Stand-up comedian Rodney Dangerfield was a practitioner of self-deprecating humor. Situational humor. Humor arising out of quotidian situations; it is the basis of sitcoms, or situation comedies. Situational comedies employ elements of farce, screwball, slapstick, forms other types of humor.

Slapstick. Comedy in which mock violence humor simulated bodily harm are staged for forms effect; also called physical comedy. The name derives from a prop consisting of a stick with an attached piece of wood that slapped loudly against it when one comedian struck another with it, enhancing the effect.

Burlesque . This is a
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      22.05.2016 Anya_Mironova:
      Slapstick humor is a boisterous form of comedy with chases, collisions and practical jokes where people just do silly things such as tripping, forms over or embarrassing themselves humor to make people laugh.

      19.05.2016 Drake_Mahoni:
      Humor involving childish themes such as pranks, name-calling, and other immature behavior.