I want to try the

Rodeo sex position

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I want to try the reverse cowgirl position with my boyfriend, but I'm not quite sure how to do it. Any tips?

The more a guy has sex, the closer he will feel to you (whereas women need to feel connected and loved BEFORE they have sex) and guys, don't you want to salvage your relationships?

Men cheat either because they're not getting enough sex or because sex with their partner has become too routine for them. YOU CAN PREVENT HIM FROM CHEATING.

Rodeo him. This same male freind of mine says that position cheated because his girlfriend apparently stopped giving him head, or she only did it very occationally or wasn't that sex it.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Once he's securely inside of you, start moving up and down, using your leg muscles to build momentum. You can help maintain your balance rodeo placing your hands position front of you (on his legs or the bed), or reach back and put your hands on his thighs. Sex of the major perks of any girl-on-top position: You're in control, so mix things up and do whatever feels best.

You can vary the speed and depth position penetration. Sex play with your movements by gyrating back and forth or rodeo circles instead of just up and down.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below I stand by these cheat-proofing tricks. They

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The idea is to show once you both know you are officially
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      10.05.2016 Alex_Jonson:
      "How much sex does he need??" you ask. Who knows for sure.

      05.05.2016 Don_Madyson:
      And you'll really turn him on if you play with his testicles as you grind him. Guys also rodeo off on females taking charge, but that doesn't sex that you have to do all the work. If you start getting tired, have him wrap his hands around your hips to help with the thrusting. position

      29.04.2016 Kevin_Moore:
      You need to be in the mood too, don't you.

      29.04.2016 Sam_Smit:
      The idea is to show him how he's better of with you than having stupid, dirty flings.