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What i am looking for in a woman

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8. Loves…

6. A Traveler

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  • ) But to be honest, my wish list for a guy is now much shorter than it used to be. Mostly because I8217;ve learned how to sort out what the 8220;negotiables8221; and 8220;non-negotiables8221; are for me.
  • Wants Kids The thing I didn8217;t quite expect about turning 30 was seeing the possibility of having kids called into question. I know I8217;m still 8220;young8221;, or so I8217;m told, but it8217;s something I8217;ve given a lot of thought to over the past few months.

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The checklist about what you8217;re looking for in a guy or girl. For me, they began back in the days of H (anyone?), which my friends and I faithfully scribbled on church bulletins each Sunday when we were supposed to be listening to the sermon. Then they evolved into high school quizzes from Seventeen and giggling slumber party lists to decide on a homecoming date.

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  • ) Then in my twenties, the lists got more serious as I would have long, heartfelt conversations with friends and mentors about what I was looking for in a husband.
  • What life experiences would you add to this conversation. Here are my other posts about being single: posted on January 23, 2014 in.
  • Find good wife i want good friends woman find man rich lady, find a women women wanting to meet men. but i have a wife, What I8217;m Looking For In A Guy (Husband) Alright, I8217;m back with another post about being single.
I believe all of those
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2. A Good Conversationalist

3. A Thoughtful Christian

I’m sure I’m forgetting something

8. Loves…

) Looking said, though, anything on a 8220;list8221; for physically attraction has become pretty much negotiable. 10 years ago, I would have said tall, dark, handsome and skinny. (Yep, was always drawn to for basketball players. ) Nowadays, I8217;d just say someone I find attractive, who is at least a few inches taller than me. I know.

Height should probably be on the negotiable list, but I8217;m really hoping it doesn8217;t have to be. I feel like it should also be noted that as I get older, I tend to find more guys attractive whom I might not have considered years ago. But the what still remains that some guys are more attractive to me, and others are more attractive to others.

It all somehow seems to miraculously balance out in the world. But I8217;m definitely looking for a guy who Woman can tell my friends I think is 8220;cute8221.

That said, this one is probably
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      Lukewarm food 8212; although let8217;s be real, most of the blog food I eat is lukewarm after photographing :) to have fun 8212; someone who really knows how to laugh and enjoy life is a must 9. Someone I Really Like.