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How to get a woman playing hard to get

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If the call is urgent, for example, if they want to make plans for that night, consider ignoring the call; it'll show the person that your time is valuable, and if they want to get together, they need to plan accordingly. (Of course, accept that sometimes a spontaneous date can be romantic and fun, but that's not the main subject of this article.)

How to Be Mysterious

Meet new people. Go to social events, join clubs at school, ask your friends to introduce your to their friends.

Don't be the first to call. Let him call you. Remember, men like to know that get interested, but they still like the thrill of the chase. Don't be the one to set up the first dates. Instead, give him hints if he hard nudging along: "My friend just bailed on how camping trip, so it looks like I'm going playing be free this get weekend.

" Enjoy being single. If you're busy enjoying your life as it is, playing hard to get will come naturally because you'll have too much going on in your everyday life to be easily available. The bottom line is that if you're happy, and carefree, people will notice. Go out with your friends. woman

  • While you probably don't want to treat the person you're playing with in a mean way, you do want to be distant, busy, and reserved. Just keep in mind that you are "playing" with somebody's emotions, so be gentle if you break their heart.
  • Shes still interested if: She says "yes" to invitations that are not last-minute. She doesnt want you to think that shes free all the time, or that shes willing to drop everything to be with you, says Mehta.
  • The more people you know, the more credible your busy schedule will be. Be as vague as you can get away with.
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How to Make a Guy Jealous

Her ex. Her best guy friend. Her

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      This lets you maintain your boundaries. Don't make yourself too easily accessible.