But then he said, "Why are

What to say when a guy says he wants you

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When a guy feels the need to tell you he is thinking about you, it means he’s more than just “interested” in you, he also wants to know or find out if you’ve been thinking about him too.

If you answer back with a clever flirt we assume you’re interested in being more than just a friend.

by Peter White Follow me on Twitter here.

He probably didn39;t even like me in the first place. Should I wait.

When a guy feels the need

So like. There039;s this guy I039;ve known for a while. quot;Samquot.

I missed my chance. But there When a guy texts you
Quot; and my friend gave it to him. so I guess he was gonna be taken by surprise or whatever an Add your answer.

So I decided to talk to him and ask him some questions. I also planned to tell him that I liked him. but I couldn't get him alone, because no one would leave the room. So when we were in a roo m full of people, he said, "Nevermind. Just tell me here." So I was forced to hold back the "liking him" till later, cuz there's no way I'm telling him in a room full of people. I asked him, "Tell me, of all the girls out there, why me?" And he just smirked and was all mysterious and said, "Tell me, why NOT you?" Then I just said, "You've known me for all these years, so why NOW?" And he's like, "Well, the same thing happened to you and Alex, didn't it?"

So when it was finally edited, I gave Alex the letter. but nah, we didn't end up together. Alex told me he only sees me as a friend. and we had a lot of drama after that. But Sam would always comfort me (thru texting) and say that Alex didn't know what he was missing, and that I should move on and find someone better.

and that Alex didn't deserve me or anything.

I missed my chance. But there was no way I was gonna let it go. So I wrote him a short letter (I would've made it longer, but it would be awkward, because I did that to Alex, and Sam read that letter, so he knows my style and it would be awkward, if you know what i mean)

But then he said, "Why are you making such a big deal out of it? I'm just saying I wouldn't mind kissing you. "

If you answer “ Awww that’s

3) She "got" me, she knew I But then he said, "Why are you
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