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What to say to break up

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Show her that you've given it some thought, and offer her some facts to back it up. Don't be aggressive or combative. When explaining the reasons for a breakup, don't talk about other relationships. Your relationship is your own, and breaking up isn't about comparing your relationship to anyone else's.

Find the right time to break up. Obviously, there's never a perfect time. But right before a celebration, test, or vacation is a bad time to do it. Give yourself enough time, and try to do it when she doesn't have anything else significant going on afterward.

Unless you've decided that it's absolutely the best to not talk after the breakup, give her the option of discussing things when the situation is a little more calm. This will give you both time to think, and may help her feel like she is also given a chance to get things off her chest.

Read on for some helpful hints about what to do, what not to do, what some sample ideas you can use break inspiration. Steps Edit Part One of Two: What Not To Do Edit Don't break up with your partner by text, phone or email. This is disrespectful, and for your soon-to-be ex, it say feel like you're being evasive.

You can probably find bad In most cases, this can cause an

Tell your close friends, but don't publicize your breakup to acquaintances or people you hardly know. It's probably a good idea to tell your close friends what happened between you and your ex.

It's probably not such a great idea to start telling your entire social circle via Facebook, or every girl in your school, that you and your ex are history. It just smacks of desperation.

Try to minimize the heartache .

Steps Edit

What unto others as you would have them do unto you. It's a great rule. Don't cheat on your ex before break break up with them. If something is simmering between you and another girl, have the decency to wait a bit, really think about your feelings, and break up with your current girlfriend before you do anything with the other girl. It will look better to your ex, and feel better for you. Don't treat them poorly before say relationship has ended.

In some cases, the blame will
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