Show off your personality. Don't be

How to talk to a boy you like

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How'd you get to be so good?" "Can you teach me how to do that algebra problem. You know your way around that stuff.

Ask open ended questions to get him engaged in the conversation. Talk about absolutely anything that youre comfortable with. This will get him talking to you and can show off some of your interests as well. Have a few in mind before you strike up a conversation in case there is any extended silence. "What did you think about the game last week?" "What are your plans for the weekend?" "What did you think about the end of that new movie?" Show interest.

Pay attention to what theyre saying.

Part Three of Three: After You
  • If your family, friends, or personal interests are constantly on your mind, talk about them. Dont be afraid to talk about what you do best.
  • This keeps the tension in the air flirty and fun.
  • If you're all tense then he will feel tense. Show off your personality.
Don't be buddy-buddy with other guys .
Eye contact connects you with him. [3] You can even flirt with your eyes. Do this by holding eye contact for two or three seconds and then looking away during the beginning of the conversation.

Gently brush his arm or something while passing. Not too hard, just like it was an accident. This will get him thinking. Try brushing off pretend fuzz on him or picking off a pretend hair. Make him comfortable with contact gradually.

Be comfortable with friends. If you are out with a group, make sure you also talk to the other people there. You want to be sociable, not totally fixated on one guy.

Don't annoy him. All guys are different, so there's no blueprint for what you can do to not annoy him. But here are some things that a lot of guys find annoying:

Part Three of Three: After

Playfully tease him about something
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      09.05.2016 Mini_Arbuz:
      It's hard to approach your crush, but at least you're not the one who's expected to ask him out.

      22.04.2016 Pupkin_Vasya:
      Gossip tends to get around, and if he hears that you've been talking about him all the time, he could feel pressured to make a move, or upset that you're not talking with him more.

      26.04.2016 Maik_Marley:
      If youre noticeably nervous, he will feel uncomfortable.