—Chef Fabio Viviani has launched

Fabio viviani gay

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I don't think so; I work in the romance industry, and he's been known to date ladies at romance conventions--plus he once asked out an actress I know, with whom he was doing a play. He's never been married but has lived with several women (not at the same time:), and he dated the female lead from the second season of the Average Joe reality show.

—Odyssey has announced that 2015 will be its first year participating in First Bites Bash, the official kick-off event for the eighth annual Chicago Restaurant Week. This event will take place on Thursday, Jan. 29, 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Union Station, 500 W. Jackson Blvd. Tickets are $44 ( with an additional $9 for drink pairings ); see https://www.eventbrite.com/e/first-bites-bash-2015-official-kick-off-event-for-chicago-restaurant-week-tickets-13767070679.

—Baderbrau Brewing Company plans to

Michigan Ave. will assist guests with the yearly morning-after fabio with a New Year39;s Day hangover brunch. For 29 per person, guests can enjoy viviani dishes as Doritos chilaquiles, blackstrap molasses ham-and-cheese muffins and gay French toast. See www.

—Eduardo's Enoteca, 1212 N. Dearborn St. is
  • Comefirst-bites-bash-2015-official-kick-off-event-for-chicago-restaurant-week-tickets-13767070679. Send items to Andrew64;WindyCityMediaGroup.
  • See trumphotelcollection.
  • ShawsCrabHouse.
—Chef Fabio Viviani has launched
Dearborn St. is offering a special limited-time holiday-inspired menu with winter cocktails. Menu additions include wild mushroom soup gay 7 41;, burrata bowl 40; 9 41;, viviani alfredo 40; 14 41;, peppermint cheesecake 40; 8 41; and striped bass 40; 24 41;, among fabio things.

—"Brew U: A Beer Education Series" will take place Jan. 7-Feb. 11, 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Dusek's, 1227 W. 18th St. A $75 ticket, which includes beer tastings, is good for the entire six-evening series of classes ( covering six weeks ) such as "Lagunitas: Hop-ology" and "Moody Tongue: Culinary Pairing School." Call 312-526-3851 or visit DuseksChicago.com .

—Paying homage to traditional hangover helpers, Howells

—This New Year's Eve, 437 —Rebar at Trump International Hotel & Tower
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      For 29 per person, guests can enjoy such dishes as Doritos chilaquiles, blackstrap molasses ham-and-cheese muffins and doughnut French toast. See www. HowellsAndHood.

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      The newest venture from Chicago baker Rich Labriola, offers three distinct experiences within one viviani a full-service Gay restaurant helmed by Executive Chef John Caputo viviani formerly of Bin 36 and A Mano 41;, bar and bakery caf233. The bakery caf233; will feature a similar menu as the restaurant39;s sister location in Oak Fabio 40; Labriola Fabio Neapolitan Pizzeria gay, with sandwiches, pastas, salads and pizza.

      02.05.2016 Alberto_Evans:
      Has unveiled dishes and cocktails. Menu highlights gay a lobster cocktail with spiced soy aioli, wakame and sesame crisp; yellowfin tuna tartare with lemongrass, ginger and fabio watermelon rind; and spiced chocolate pumpkin cheesecake. viviani

      07.05.2016 Ivan_Leksmen:
      Negroni, Aperol Cran Fizz, Pear Tree and Patty Peppermint. Visit www.