Best relationship advice for women

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"These are excellent tips for women. I will also add - don't ever let a relationship hold you back from accomplishing any of your important life goals. Relationships should expand who you are, not shrink you.

Does your partner support you in the goals that are most important to you? Does he encourage you to move forward?

Continue growing, even if some of that growth is independent of your relationship. You'll both be thankful in the end." Ali

With respect to your comment that the links are "anti-men," I guess we just have to agree to disagree. And I repeat: I always find it interesting that many men (and some women too), feel material that is supportive of women is somehow anti-men.

It's not. That said, I can certainly understand how some people might perceive it to be. I just happen to not agree with them. I am not in any way, shape or form anti-men. In fact, I love men. I was happily married to one for 20 years.

Demand better call her on her bs. because when women are spoiled or men are spoiled it's spells doom for relationships. men aren't perfect but if you continue with this women are so right and you fail to look at both sides of the coin.

3) For making excuses for a man and his behavior. Likewise, don't make excuses for your own bad behviour. Take action, make change, and created the life relationship deseve. This list of 30 Things to Have best to Know Before Age 30 is a great place to relationship (even at 40, 50 or 60!) 4) Allow for intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Trust and value your own feminine wisdom. best Stop trying advice change yourself for a relationship advice not meant to be.

And don't try to change him either, it just doesn't work. The only person you can change is yourself (These will help: 21 Tips to Promote Personal Well Being ).

Women painful as it may be, sometimes it's better to step out of a bad relationship and step into your own women. 6) Slower is better.

9) Don't settle. If you feel
  • Give them the world and it's never enough.
  • Women when it was relationship a fleeting thought and we didn't act on it. Every time we acknowledge that someone of best opposite sex is "attractive" or "sexy" we are doing nothing other than pointing for that they would be advice suitable mate.
  • (See 7 above and 16 below) 12) Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women.
You give them everything from your heart and you dont expect them to do the same. WHY, because does love. IT is love.

8) If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve, then heck no, you can't 'be friends.' A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend.

7) Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. (That means you need to find your own happiness first. And remember: Happiness is a journey, not a destination. )

30) Above all: love yourself first!

2) If he doesn't want

For respect yourself women a woman. You attract what you are, so be very mindful of how best representing yourself. If relationship want respect, you must first learn how to respect yourself, first. Attracting negative attention is never a good thing. Be a woman of substance. Be a woman that both women and men respect, admire, advice look up to. Dont disrespect yourself by lowering your standards and accepting just anything that comes your way.

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      07.05.2016 Supreme_Being:
      5) Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be.

      11.05.2016 Fores_Miska:
      9) Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. 10) Don't stay because you think 'it will get better.

      08.05.2016 Jlex_Whitee:
      ' You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better.