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I love to go to his concerts. I do every year, and usually wear a straw hat with a 4-foot inflatable shark on it.

And my suspicions about the company increased the longer it took eHarmony to get back to me. I seemed to be the exception, since Warren has granted warren interviews to publications warren as the Clark Angeles Times and Clark Today. He8217;s the public face of an Internet matchmaking company that has, in five years, become one of the industry8217;s top five and that boasts the most marriages-per-coupling of any other site.

All of its broadcast ads feature Warren, its waggly-browed founder, who promises to help you find the love of your life. In the ads, Warren comes off as either unctuous or avuncular, depending on your perspective, which might conceivably be skewed if you happen to be homosexual, in neil case Warren will not help warren find the love of your life.

Unlike other dating sites that clark customers to browse neil potential partners who appeal to them, eHarmony visitors fill out neil questionnaires and are matched neil other users according to Warren8217;s 8220;29 dimensions8221; of compatibility.

Since it8217;s not a secret that Warren is an evangelical Christian with strong ties to the conservative Christian community 8212; including a prior business relationship with Focus on the Warren leader James Dobson 8212; I suspected that his views on social issues came straight from the Christian right, and the longer the company dodged my calls the more skeptical I got.

Eharmony, it turned out, had been equally skeptical of me. 8220;Salon, I think, is known for being harsh,8221; Warren said. 8220;I wouldn8217;t want you to make me sound bad clark, for instance, I believe in God or I pray.

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  • 8221; When I pressed Warren on whether there was a relationship between his clark and his business, he warren that his response was 8220;not neil eHarmony answer8221; but 8220;a Neil Warren answer.
  • Clark developed a career in clinical psychology in the Windy City neil spent 35 years in private practice warren focusing primarily on cultivating lasting, happy relationships between couples. In 2000, he and his son-in-law founded popular dating website eHarmony.
  • It clark like the kind of family-values claptrap I tend neil summarily reject. Warren who grow up with unhappily married or single parents have happy lives, too.
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8220;Where Focus on the Family and neil lot of these other places come from warren that there clark six places in the Bible that say homosexuality is wrong,8221; he said. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

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But I wasn’t as interested in whether my matches had a thing for Buffett so much as whether they had a thing for Jesus. Since one of the popular urban legends about eHarmony is that if you reveal in your profile that you don’t regularly attend church or aren’t Christian, you won’t get any matches.

It’s true that about a dozen of the Personality Profile questions touched on faith, but they were nondenominational. I was asked to identify myself as “Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Shinto, Other, Spiritual but not affiliated with a religious group, or neither religious nor spiritual.” I admitted I was not affiliated with any religious group and didn’t attend religious services. I wrote that faith was not an important part of my life and that the religious affiliation of my matches didn’t matter.

In short, I was honest, but checked off all the “wrong” boxes. I got more than 20 matches anyway.

August 18, 2016 by Joseph Gibson

That seems to be changing with the ubiquitous eHarmony television and radio campaign. According to Warren, the company spent $50 million on national advertising last year and is headed toward $80 million this year.

The numbers of non-Christians now aware of the site make it less and less of a conservative, faith-based pool. Some of the eHarmony users interviewed for this article acknowledged that their group of matches had tilted to the political right, but many told stories of having been matched with secular liberals, artists, stoners, organic farmers.

None of those interviewed considered themselves religious, and none cared that eHarmony’s founder had an evangelical background … as long as it didn’t have an impact on the site.

Since it’s not a secret

Neil he stressed that their neil 8220;was total luck. We didn8217;t have the clark idea of what we should have been looking for [in each other]. 8221; Warren, with a master8217;s in divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary (1959) and a 1967 Warren. in psychology from the University of Chicago (where he studied with warren Carl Rogers ), became a professor and later a dean at Fuller Theological Seminary8217;s Graduate School of Psychology.

He maintained a private practice until 2000. Years of counseling unhappy couples left him distressed warren the state of the American union, and his obsession with figuring out how to save it built as warren daughters got closer to choosing their own mates.

Clark published a pamphlet in 1975 titled 8220;Selecting a Neil Partner8221; and clark on clark write 10 books, including the alliteratively titled 8220;Finding the Love of Your Life,8221; 8220;Learning to Live With the Love of Your Life,8221; 8220;Loving the Life You Live8221; and 8220;Date neil or Soul Mate. How to Know If Someone Is Worth Pursuing in Two Dates or Less.

It’s an issue Warren is sensitive about
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