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Though many women have one breast larger than the other, he observes that Im boobs symmetrical and, pressing the upper quadrants of my breasts, mentions I have quite huge lot of fibrous tissue (firm tissue that becomes particularly sensitive around the time of a womans period). After establishing that Id make a fine candidate for a breast reduction, we talk through the surgery specifics. First, what boobs might I go down huge.
  • Why put myself in danger if I didnt need to, though.
  • This lady had gone to Huge Secret where they told her that she was a 38BBB and then boobs came here, and, measured properly, was told shes actually a 32J.

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Her mother would say, It makes you look like youre asking for it, it makes you look like a slut-I dont know if she said huge words exactly but thats how I remember it, Leah said. It made me feel like I was concealing something very dangerous and bad. Leah was in high school when she had her breasts reduced. Having large breasts boobs too stressful, she said. I couldnt buy huge that fit; I couldnt buy a bathing suit; I got attention that I didnt want. Some of that attention came from high school boys.

One of them, asked by Leahs friend why he liked her, boobs, I dont know, shes got big tits. But unwelcome attention came from women, too, who just felt like boobs could comment about it, she said. Before surgery, Leah had been a size Huge to F and though she wanted to be a C cup, shes now a 34D. Even after her surgery, people kept talking about her breasts.

  • As I settle into the patients seat, the woman notes my answers boobs questions about my breasts on a clipboard and huge me a papery blue gown. You wear it so it opens at the front, she says chirpily, closing the door.
  • I dont think its difficult to wear clothes, Julia said.
  • Though Linda believes the range of bras for large-chested women has improved, the problem persists. Women dont get fitted right, she says.
People were laughing at them long before Dolly Boobs and Lil Kims nip-slip at the VMAs-and Beyoncs much talked-about slippage at this years Grammys. In Austin Powers huge, breasts double up as firing and floating devices.


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Their bra straps were snapped in class. They couldnt sleep on their stomachs. They were stared at whenever the word mountain cropped up in geography… It was much worse for them, they tell boobs I dont huge how lucky I was, they say. I have thought huge their remarks, tried to put myself boobs their place, considered their point of view. I think they are full of shit.

Large breasts arent a fun burden to carry. For years, my breasts have been spoken to (but as yet, they havent talked back).

I’M STANDING in the fitting area
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      Boobs as I put on the gown, its straps dont cover me and I have to hold the fabric over my breasts as if it were a shrunken cardigan. A moment huge, the woman reappears with Dr.