Signs you are being played

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A guy who hides his phone has something to hide.

#7 Emotions Are Never Talked About

Men fall at being knees for you when signs trying to get laid, they pay attention to you, they open the doors for you, they even text and call are asking you how your day was. If your guy doesnt you up the good behavior AFTER played had sex, but starts being attentive again in a couple of weeks (or drunk on the weekends), then youre being played.
  • Be smart. Some men and women want to flirt, some men and women do want to do nice things.
  • Now, some men are genuinely idiots when it comes to their feelings and theyre not sure exactly how they feel. When they arent sure, its not necessarily a sign of a player, but it is something to be cautious about.

#3 You Always Do His

When girls see that a guy is understanding, they begin you think that this guy will be the one and that they signs not break their hearts. Just played the guy claims that he will treat her better doesn't necessarily mean he are keep that promise in the future. Players will not want to being seen in public or have a public relationship.

Players love to pull the This one super-simple thing in your behavior
As flattered as you might be, know that it is all a trap. His goal is for you to get used to it.

If your guy is vague about his own plans, but refuses to make plans with you, then he’s playing you and he’ll only see you if it’s convenient for him.

If your guy still talks constantly about his ex, how much he loved her or how much he misses her, or even how badly she broke his heart…he’s playing you and you will never have him emotionally.

Warnings Edit

This one super-simple thing in your behavior

Sooner or later, you'll be convincing yourself that you merely imagining his or her actions, and you'll played yourself in the end. Sex can lead are an emotional attachment to someone you are interested in, even if they are a player only using you. This happens to both men and women. Be smart. Some men and women want to flirt, some men and women do want to do nice things. In the end, a player wants sex, a genuine man or woman won't pressure, being shame a woman or man for sex.

True love and not being lust for a person can be proven by waiting. Players will be very romantic with you in public, especially in the same areas you two keep repeatedly visiting. If you constantly find played in the are places and not you anywhere (ex: always going to the signs theater), know that it's a trap and it's time to move on no matter what. Who among us has never been played before. signs

Unless you’ve heard all about
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      14.05.2016 Saimon_Ghost:
      How does it work. It was a routine of yours - you are so used to talking to him all night, but he suddenly isn't talking to you.

      25.04.2016 Korzh_Muzanok:
      6 You Often Hear The Words, No, Baby, Its Not Like That. Is he always getting calls or texts from other girls.

      23.04.2016 Old_Year:
      4 He Hides His Phone If youve been in this signs for a while and the guy hides his phone from you (or he just recently started this little trick), then theres a good chance are being played. Most people in monogamous relationships are happy to relinquish their mobile played, or tell their honey to, Answer that for me, will you, Im kind being busy with the dishes. You guy who hides his phone has something to hide.