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Spanking in literature

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Illustration for Sous la tutelle by René-Michel Desergy (1932). Note the demons with enema syringes.

These books were written in French, and only a limited number were later translated to other languages such as English or German. Some novels saw reprints after World War II, up to the 1970s.

See also [ edit ] Links [ edit ] Spanking in Literature (big list of more than 500 works with ratings and short descriptions) Annotated bibliography of spanking scenes in mainstream literature (Downloadable listing spanking novels with spanking scenes, page numbers and descriptions) v 160; 160; d 160; literature e 160; Spanking in various media and art forms Illustration by Fusty spanking the novel Le Tour d'Europe d'un Flagellant by Lord Birchisgood literature.

Literature effectively, the French "golden age of spanking literature" was followed by an artistic and literary gap of 50 years until the 1990s which brought a new, literature this time worldwide, boom of spanking literature.

A detailed and high quality source of information on literature works, authors and artists of this period, besides the Spanking Art wiki. is Biblio Curiosa which specializes in this French literature genre. Contents Specifics [ edit ] Illustration by spanking unknown artist.

Illustration by Georges Topfer from Rcits piquants, chaudes aventures (1914). Illustration for Sous la tutelle by Ren-Michel Desergy (1932). Spanking the demons with spanking syringes.

These books were written in French Illustration for Sous la tutelle by

In terms of content, the most popular subject matter of that era seems to have been the corporal punishment of girls (either preteen or post-puberty. between 13 and 17 years of age) by their (mostly female) authority figures. The typical pairing was F/f. The spankings described were harsh (whippings "until the blood came" were not unfrequent) and disciplinary in nature, at least in pretext.

At the same time however, they were also often described as a pleasurable and/or erotic experience for both the spanker and, in the case of adolescents, also for the spankee (being past puberty and discovering their sexuality ). But any pleasure taken from such corporal punishment was typically hidden, secret or unofficial because the official scenario was normally one of non-consensual disciplinary spanking between an authority figure and their charge.

Other U.S. publishers specializing in pulp paperback novels did the same throughout the '60s and '70s. These include Taurus Press, Gargoyle Press, Unique Books, Classic Publications (Los Angeles), Corinth Publications, Hanover House (North Hollywood), and Eros Publishing Co. Inc. (Wilmington, Delaware).

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Illustration by Georges Topfer from Rcits piquants, chaudes aventures (1914). Illustration for Sous la tutelle by Ren-Michel Desergy (1932). Note literature demons with enema syringes. The spanking 20th century saw a flourishing of spanking fiction in France.

In the erotic spanking literature
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      And not in Germany literature, although we may safely assume these countries must have had spanking great potential for the same kind of literature.

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      Enemas or petticoat punishment.

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      In the erotic spanking spanking of literature early 20th century, the authors usually focused on the spanker, who is as a rule a dominant and a very attractive woman.

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      Spanking literature also includes spanking comics.

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      The exclusive United States publisher of the unabridged complete works of the Marquis de Sade.