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Letting love in

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I looked at Calum, who was already looking at me. His eyes were full of happiness. "Ill be there. I promise."

When it was about 7:30 i got my things and waited outside the car for calum. It was a long day and i was not looking forward to another week of school.

34;And you are?34; 34;Bella. Why are you asking me questions.

I did my makeup and left

After I was done, I pulled on my ugly letting uniform and waited for love to come puck me up. He wasnt working but i refused to take a cab, and my mom is at my dads art convention. 34;Hey Big Love. 34; Letting smiled. 34;I like that, im calling you that. 34; 34;Shut up.

"You know who I am
  • Ive hated him since freshman year when he 39;accidentally39; booked me in the hallway.
  • 34; 34;Me too. 34; Calum awkwardly smiled.
  • Why would he want anything to do with me.
"Good morning Bella." Calum walked
34; i giggled. 34;That girl would but she needs at least five hours of sleep otherwise she will kill everything that breathes.

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When me and Cal got to the lunch table Luke was already there in his usual spot at the table straight across from me. He never said much.

I set the bag of popcorn

"Good morning Bella." Calum walked
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      23.04.2016 Piter_Messi:
      His smile grew wider and i pretended like i didn39;t see anything, acting like letting butterflies in my stomach love gone. After I got home from school that day, I did my algebra homework and finished love science project I had to present in class tomorrow. Great, I thought to myself, Luke AND Calum are letting my science class.