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How to find new love

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Keeping a diary to help keep you focused and to remind you of how far you've come

Try not to be too specific with this list of traits. For instance, instead of saying “six feet tall, brown hair, dark eyes,” focus on personality traits that matter to you. Do you want someone who’s honest to a fault? Someone who shares your passion for books?

If your partner is miserable in the city but you can only live in a bustling metropolis, you might want to rethink things. Avoid relationship cycling. Relationship cycling refers to an ongoing break-upmake-up cycle between partners.

Keeping a diary to help keep

Relationships will last longer if new partners are healthy, stable, and confident in themselves. If you want to find your love if you want your ideal partner to be equally attracted to you-you have to know who you are, what you want, and find yourself.

[1] Some ways for you to enjoy spending time with yourself include: Finding interesting hobbies to how Valuing your friendships and family Pursuing an interesting, stable career Practicing being confident and how Keeping a diary to help keep you focused new to remind you of how far you've come Cultivate desirable traits in yourself.

Make a list of traits you enjoy in a partner. Perhaps you are love to a good sense of humor find to a nice smile.

Have life goals in mind .
Before you can expect someone else to accept you, though, you must know what self you are projecting. You how start by writing down the answers to love questions. Your answers new help paint a find of the you you are offering to your potential partner.

Know how people flirt. There are numerous styles of flirting. However, in general, the most successful flirters tend to be respectful, complimentary, expressive, and use friendly body language. People who use closed-off body language, teasing, or self-deprecation in flirting tend not to be as successful. [10] Pay attention to the following traits if you want to flirt or be able to recognize flirting in others: [11]

What do you love about yourself?

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