How do you know when someone is lying about cheating

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Ask yourself, did you insinuate that they were hiding something? Did you steer the story in a direction to make room for interrogation then blatantly accuse them of messing around? Did you actually accuse them of anything at all? By asking simple questions your partner not only revealed what kind of behavior they have been hiding, but they also spun their entire story out of whack, no matter how solid they believed it to be, and became overwhelmed.

At this point, if you ask them anything, he/she will probably start to sweat, panic, or lose the capability to accurately recall anything about their story.

The discrepancies will flow at this point and soon you will have enough information know if your partner is 'on the level.'

Sometimes, cheaters are just cheaters. People can be self-absorbed with a lack of concern for others, and with no desire to change themselves. Try to keep these kinds of people out of your life.

Normally, if they didn't give you their password to start with, this is no problem. But if they've suddenly changed it to protect messages they've written, or chats they've had, you should be alert to this possible red flag.

Think about whether your boyfriend

Keep it a seemingly harmless detail that won't frighten or alert your partner that you are suspicious (specifics are not what you are looking for). Now ask them an abstract question about the specific detail you picked. Innocently ask when this 'detail' or event happened, or some other simple question.

Be discreet when trying to
  • Have his or her friends begun to act oddly around you.
  • Questions such as "What would you do if we broke up?" are key hints.
  • Do their sisters, brothers, parents, etc.
Have they cheated before. How many people have they dated or slept with. Some people would never cheat, and others hardly notice they are doing it.

After a few moments of silence and

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      13.05.2016 Pavel_Kopach:
      He or she will need to remember where in the story this question happened and that takes thought processing. Since the 'minor' detail you asked them to provide wasn't prominent when they made up their excuse, they most likely won't have a cut and dry answer.

      28.04.2016 Kerim_Kayasov:
      If your boyfriend or girlfriend is interested in things that they hated before, perhaps they are being influenced by someone else more than usual.