Now when someone invites me to meet

He wants to meet my family

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*smh* I didn’t even have to read the full article to know the outcome of this situation. The Dating Game rules have changed, but most of us haven’t adapted to it therefore some of us are still getting hurt.

Some Men nowadays will bring you around his boys, his family and even let you meet his momma but that no longer means he wants a relationship with you. Most of the time momma/family/boys are already hip to the situation so they just smile and say “Hey”. lol. This is why it’s important to not only watch what a man does but also listen to what he says to see if they are both in alignment with each other because even though you may not be an official exclusive couple it doesn’t mean he will treat you like a jumpoff so it’s important to listen to what he saying also so you don’t get caught up and end up getting your feelings hurt due to you falling in love based off his actions

Sometimes I really wished that I was born in a different era…….

I have met my brother’s girlfriends at parties but he has never bring any of them at my parent’s and he is 27!

I just keep it respectfully and cordial to everyone one. I m not sure8230; no good man ( by good I mean respectful) will introduce you to his family (mom, dad, brother, sister, kids) if he8217;s not serious with you.

Now when someone invites me to meet

11 answers 11 middot; Family Honey I disagree. I think you should simply be open and honest with him. I would just say quot;Oh, you really don039;t want to meet them.

Exactly. Until you have the
  • I had just spent hours in humid, muggy weather sweating out my blow-out, smiling at strangers all because I thought this was my ldquo;introductionrdquo; to the family.
  • Exactly.
  • Give him the chance to understand and not feel bad about himself. Good luck to you.
My family member has multiple girlfriends. I
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I’ve seen guys introduce girls to their mom and aunts and it’s no big deal to them. Heck they be juggling women and their families know it.

On the flip side my dad introduced the whole family to a woman he was dating not even two months and was at thanksgiving and Xmas. It made no sense to me that early on esp. since they did even last til the following thanksgiving but that’s just my opinion and something I wouldn’t do.

I blame her old behind too though.

I don’t oblige to meet no body’s mammie or dad until we are in a relationship. there’s no point in jumping through hoops to make a good impression unless he commits.

No effort for a maybe we can date down the road. Sir, this an opportunity for a relationship NOT a job a fortune 500 company!

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Sometimes I really wished that I was born in a different era…….

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In my opinion it depends
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      22.05.2016 aleksandr:
      Quot; It039;s better you tell him how your parents are rather than have him wonder if you039;re ashamed of him. That039;s a terrible way to feel.

      20.05.2016 Baac_Moreti:
      Unless there is a discussion on exclusivity, it8217;s never save to make any assumptions.

      16.05.2016 Nikolos_Jame:
      I began this 4 months ago and right away started to bring home minimum 70 ph.